2016 The Central Alberta Radio Fun Fliers(CARFF)

2016 The Central Alberta Radio Fun Fliers(CARFF)

On July 2nd,2016 the Central Alberta Radio Fun Fliers(CARFF) hosted the Western Canadian Pattern Championships.Will Gross was honored to be the CD of this event.Some other pilots with smaller non-pattern planes were using APCs as well as the nitro powered planes.With all and all,they had a great contest.Sportsman and Advance only had on entry,it was good to see a newcomer to their discipline in sportsman,and they hope to see him in the near future again.Intermediate had 2 local pilots battling for the 1st place/Masters had 5 pilots on an epic battle for the top 3 places. 

The FAI class had 2 Falcon Team members(Chad Northeast and Will Gross) and Glenn Orchard(he is using a Falcon 21.5x13 and he is the Australian National Champion and Team Caption of the F3A Aussie team).Chad took 1st place in all round,very solid flights,Glenn and Will were very tight throughout the contest and Will beat Glenn in the 4th round,but with a bit more points than Will in the previous rounds,Glenn took the 2nd place.

He flew very well.It was a good day of flying among their friends and also a good practice day for the next contest.So without a doubt the Falcon Propellers are becoming the number one choice for F3A pilots.

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