2017 Australian F3A Masters World Cup

2017 Australian F3A Masters World Cup

                                                             AUSTRALIAN F3A MASTERS WORLD CUP
                                                                        Sydney 10-13 th March 2017
                                                                 Featuring International Competitors

The 2017 Australian Masters and World Cup has been hosted in Nwe South Wales on the 10th,11th 12th & 13th of March 2017.Falcon supported this event and Falcon’s propellers,caps,shirts and stickers were all auctioned off on 18,Mar along with other donated items.
Also the auction has been used for the Australian Team and to promote aerobatics in Australia.
It’s important that congratulate all pilots in the event.

Another,thanks for our dealer(Model Sports) making everything in Austrlia and sending us so many interesting photo’s for sharing.We’re very happy that so many pilots are using Falcon’s propellers and spinners in the event.Thank you for your trust in FALCON.

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