2blade contra rotating prop(C2CR)

contra rotation prop
About The Product

Contra-rotating prop Info
Falcon 2blade contra rotating prop(C2CR) includes two parts(front propeller and rear propeller).It’s special designed for F3A.With high efficiency and low noise.
Diameter             Picth
20.5″                     20.5F
21″                        20F
22″                        16.5F ,18F ,20F ,22F
23″                        18F ,20F

20″                        22.5R

21″                        20R
22″                        18R ,18.3R ,20R ,22R
23″                        20R ,22R

Falcon’s suggest combination:
1.21×20(Front)               21×20(Rear)

2.22×16.5(Front)           22×18.3(Rear)
3.22×18(Front)             22×20(Rear)
4.22×20(Front)             22×22(Rear)
5.20.5×20.5(Front)         20×22.5(Rear)
6.22×22(Front)             22×22(Rear)
7.22×18(Front)             22×18(Rear)
8.23×18(Front)             23×20(Rear)
9.23×20(Front)             23×22(Rear)